Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eco Lips Review

Today I received another product to review from a company called Eco Lips. The company started in their kitchen making small batches of natural lip balm for their family and friends. Great care was taken in making the balm and packaging it. The first product created by Andrea and Steve we're Hemp Lip Buzz.

I received three of the company's lip balm. Mint, strawberry and sport.
The mint was tyred by my oldest daughter, since mint is one of her favorite scents. She said it went on very smoothly, and gave her lips a cool feel. This is from the balm being made with mixtures of peppermint and spearmint oils. This balm was a favorite of my daughters.

 I gave the sport balm to my husband to try. Since he worked and does work outside all day, I thought he would be the best one to test this one. This balm has a SPF of 30. The balm has a bit of vanilla in it, and was pleasant smelling. He liked the way his lips stayed moist all day today, since it was on the warmer side. His lips usually get dry, but today that was not a problem for him.

I tyred the kiwi strawberry one. I love strawberries and kiwi any way and this one smelled great. It also went on very smoothly. It also has a aluminum clip to it, which I clipped on the inside of my pocket book. This would do great on the kids backpacks also.

If you would like to learn more about the great products from this company, and order some as well, jump on over to there website at

It's nice to know that you are using a chemical free product on your mouth. Their website is easy to use, and view all their balms. What's also nice about these balms is that they stayed on for several hours, even after taking a drink. These balms are nothing like I have tyred before, nothing like you find in the store.

 Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your  opinions may differ.

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