Monday, December 26, 2011

Festive Party Trays

 Having a New Year's Eve party, and don't know what to serve? How about keeping it simple with a few festive party tray's or even boards. You can have a great looking table by using some pretty party tray's that you can even pick up at any dollar store. Keep your food simple by using finger foods. Grapes and cheese, crackers and cheese, stuffed cherry tomatoes all work well. Make your tray's inviting and do foods like homemade guacamole in plantain cups. How about one tray being all dipped fruit in chocolate, surrounded by mint leaves.

Don't just stop there, dried fruits and nuts work well together as a finger food, using a cocktail fork on the side. A cutting board with cheese, surrounded by a assortment of crackers looks pretty as well.

Make it easy, quick, and festive.

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