Thursday, December 22, 2011

J. Skinner Review

I would like to introduce you to J. Skinner Bakery. It all began for them in 1911, when they started with pasta. Today they make addictive tasting European style danish. Their Danish is made with over 100 layers of authentic Danish dough. And when you taste it you will see the dedication that goes into their products. The melt in your mouth Danish, is exquisite. The Danish will make your mouth want more. Each product is moist, and full of flavor.

And today, I got to sample two of their Danish Bakery items. The first was the Heavenly Cheese Danish. It was so moist, and so full of flavor. It has a creamy cheese filling, with white icing drizzled over the whole Danish. And with a hot cup of coffee, you will be in heaven your self.
They are also baking some of the best Cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted. This Danish product also has the 100 layers, that is twirled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Its sweet and yummy. It has American neufchatel cheese icing on top. It is a easily addictive roll.
The company can be very proud of their products, you can taste the love in every bite you take.

If your interested in J. Skinner's bakery products, please visit them at
There are much more than these two products there to choose from, that's if you can. You will just want to eat them all.

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