Friday, February 24, 2012

Right collar for your doggie

Getting a collar for your dog is much more important than you think. You need to find the right style, size, color, fabric, and much more to make your dog look good and feel great.

Measure the size of your dog's neck. Use a tape measure. Make sure you fit at least two-three fingers inside.
# Find the reason you need a collar. Is it for identification purposes only? Is it for looks? Is it for agility training? Whatever the reason find it, because this is the most important step!
# When you buy your collar using the guide below, get the size in inches the tape measure said. (If you have a large-breed puppy you will need a new collar about every other month because they grow so fast!)
# Make sure there is enough space to slide you pinkie in but tight enough so the dog cannot push it off.

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