Thursday, March 14, 2013


With my daughter getting older, and in school, she is experiencing being bullied. It seems that if she tells someone she is then called a snitch. It took her entire family to instill in her that she has to tell. That it is very important and this is how she will get help. It sadden me to see her self esteem go straight to hell, by someone who was only jealous of my daughter having a birthday party which she was not invited to. As a parent it is also important to keep after the school to do something about the problem. They aren't as diligent as they should be. Even though here in New Jersey we have tough anti bullying laws. Its been two days and I am still waiting to hear from the Vice Principal. Please talk to your child and go over a few things they should know if they are bullied. I would rather my child be called a snitch then to get so depressed she does something, well I don't even want to go there.

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