Friday, June 27, 2014

Bird Baths

A birdbath that is carefully placed in your yard or garden, can bring stunning new species of birds to your home. The placement of the birdbath is critical. This is so the birds will feel safe when they visit the bath.

 When you have your birdbath, you must decide first where the best place is to set it up. The birds must be able to access the bath easily, and feel safe doing so. You don't want to place the bath by any bush's. Remember cats are birds natural predators, and can easily be hiding in those bush's. And besides that birds will avoid proximity to those types of plantings. It's best to keep the birdbath out in a area that is open. Also you will want to place the bath in a area that gets midday shade. Some sun is important, but you want to seek a balance, this helps to ensure birds will visit.

You can get great pleasure from watching your feathered friends visiting your bath. Make sure to keep your birdbath filled with water. Tap water is the best way, because this water will not contain lead, as a hose filling will.

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