Friday, June 20, 2014

Family time Dinner time

Times today, are not like times past. Today both moms and dads have very busy schedules, and don't take much time to eat as a family. Most times today families are eating separately. What most families are missing, is the perfect time to spend reconnecting with family. Maybe some of these tips will help a family to get to know each other better around the dinner table.

 If at all possible try to schedule dinner at a time when all family members will be home. Then make this the time your regular dinner time.

Give each family member a task. Ask them to work as a team preparing meals, so that when everyone is home, the meal is ready to eat.

Once everyone has their seat at the table, give them a chance to discuss their day, or pick someone different each night to start a conversation. You can even create dinner time games for families with children. Ask to name the capitols of each State. It will start a conversation, and help with schooling at the same time. All while sitting together eating at the dinner table.

After dinner, if possible, let the family time continue on. If you have children, sit at the table while having dessert and do homework. Or if its the weekend, suggest the family spend a few hours together by watching a movie.

When spending time at the dinning table, you are also teaching your family and children the important lesson of family bonding. You give your children a lesson they can carry on when they have families of their own. Having dinner together is important if the family can do it. It brings family together, close, and in touch.

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