Thursday, June 19, 2014

Find your makeup fast & easy

If you are one of those people whom constantly dig for their makeup, try a few of these tips. Start by creating a organizational system, that keeps everything in site and in check. You can do this with using a simple silverware tray, allowing you to divide and know where all your make up is.

 It wouldn't hurt either to shift thru your makeup and get rid of the old and in with some new. Old makeup over a year old can start to harbor bacteria, which can cause some health issues. Also it's a great idea to check the date on your makeup, and ditch the outdated stuff as well.

 You can also evaluate your makeup by categorizing it into piles. This will help you choose the right kind of silverware organizer to get. Don't forget to consider whether or not your makeup tools will go into your new organizer. If not you can get other great organizers to put your brushes, tweezers, and other tools in. Another tip is to put your makeup in your silverware organizer by season. This will save space and time. Season and day or evening makeup, is what you want to work on.

 When buying your silverware tray, make sure to measure your drawer space before hand. If for some reason it will not fit in a drawer, you can keep it in your bathroom closet. You may even consider more then one silverware tray. The typical silverware organizer tray will have long and short slots which works great for different makeup items. The silverware tray also comes in different materials, so consider what will work best for you. If you want your tray to be visible, than you may want to choose one that is more fancy, maybe made of wood, or a color that match's your room.

Try these tips and get organized

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