Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FYI tips for removing pet hair

Tips for removing pet hair, from your beloved animal. At times it can be very frustrating, its on your clothes, your carpet and even your upholstery. Avoiding it only makes it grow thicker and thicker. Here are a few tips of information on how to remove pet hair from some surface's.

One way is to soak the palm of your hand in water. Then with a downward motion rub the surface. This should ball up the hair and stick it to your hand. Then all you have to do is pick up the ball. Why this works is because hair that is wet is heavier, resulting in being able to grab it much faster.

Another step is using a sponge mop, for low pile carpet. In this case the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed first. The rug the fabric, upholstery or the low pile carpet with the damp sponge. Again the fur should roll right up into clumps that you can pick up with your hand.

For gripping surfaces that contain pet hair, try Velcro. Roll up some Velcro around something round like a curler that has a metal inner form. Then dab the surface. This method is great for reaching any corners. Another way for gripping surface's is using sellotape. Just wrap some around your hand and with the sticky side sticking out dap and trap the furry surface.

You can also use a magnetic attraction by putting on a latex glove. Then by rubbing the surface the fur is attached to it should pick it right up. It should even stick right to the glove. Using a rubber bristle push broom will have the same results for floors. If you dampen the glove or the rubber section of the broom you will increase the effectiveness. Another means of magnetic attraction is to inflate a balloon, rub it across the pet haired surface and the static will make the hair adhere to the balloon. Rinse off the balloon and you can even re-use it again for more hair collecting.

Another tip that will not only freshen your pet haired surface but pick it up, is using a damp fabric softener sheet.

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