Saturday, June 28, 2014

Grilled Pineapple Chicken

This is my recipe for grilled pineapple chicken and white rice.

For the chicken I used a package of chicken legs, that I par boiled in order for them to cook fully on the grill. While that was boiling, I started my rice. Two cups water to one cup rice. I boil my water with seasonings in it and then when ready pour the rice in, cover turn to a simmer and cook twenty minutes, exactly. After twenty minutes I remove the lid and put a dish towel over my pot and place the lid back on. This removes the excess moisture from the pot, giving you a nice firm rice. 

Next after ten minutes of par boiling the chicken, I remove the legs and transfer them to the grill. The sauce I used was Sweet Baby Ray's Hawaiian BBQ. As the chicken is grilling I apply my BBQ sauce. I also cut some fresh pineapple to grill as well, with no seasonings. The fresh pineapple grills in its own juicy sweetness.
Since the chicken is already parboiled, it should only have to grill 15 minutes on each side. I grill my pineapple last on a veggie sheet until brown on each side.

It's that fast and easy. Plate it up with your pineapple slices on the bottom your chicken on top, and rice on the side.

GRILLING TIP: Put some oil in a plastic container. Fold a large square of paper towel and place in the oil. Before you grill, take tongs and grab the paper towel. Let excess oil drip off and then wipe your grill. This will not only season the grill, but keep the food from sticking.

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