Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Have a river Adventure

Many of us choose the seashore, but did you know the river can be just as fun and exciting. Anytime by water is relaxing, but you can relax just as much by the river as you do the seashore. 

Paddling down the river in a boat, canoe, even a tube can provide a day of not only fun, but relaxation. You can do this with family and friends, or even with a professional river guide. 

Of course when going in the river, it is always wise to use a part that is not dangerous, and used by regular river adventurers.

Not only can you paddle yourself on the river, but there are spots that permit you to camp as well. Most of the time these spots are along a state park, so check locally with the park for camping restrictions.

If you are going down the river for a long distance, it would be best to get dropped off at your starting point. Letting the person know, where your ending point will be and then getting picked up.

You may also want to choose the right friends to go with. Not all people are comfortable in a boat or other water craft. You don't want to get half way thru your trip and have to turn around because your friend can't handle it.

It's also fun to go on a river adventure with a guide. They can provide everything you need to know about making your trip fun and safe. 

It's not a bad idea to take some basic things for any emergency's. Especially a first aide kit, and a water proof carrier for your cell phone. Also make sure you are dressed for the part. I would not recommend high heels for boating. Wear the right clothing for the right season. And don't forget bug spray. Helmets might not be a bad idea either. Make sure you also protect your personal id. Elastic rope or soft rope for tie ups are also a great item to have with you.

If you adventure includes pulling up to land to cook or spend the night, make sure you have everything you need. And make sure its packed properly. Packing enough water is very important, not only to drink, but to put any camp fires out. Make sure no matter what you take, that its water tight. Match's also, these will come in handy. And most important life vests. Carry simple things that you will need, try not to over pack.

Go over a drill with your friends, talk about what you will do if there is a emergency. Such as a fall, or a capsize. Make sure everyone knows how to swim, taking someone whom doesn't could become a difficult situation. It's all about having fun and being safe, not getting on the water being silly. Being safe is what it is all about. Also be aware of your surroundings if you pull off. Make sure to respect and cherish the environment around you. This means, be aware of animals and plants in the area that you will be using. You don't want a snake bite, or be up against a bad plant. 

The bottom line, have fun, and keep it safe.

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