Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to grow carrots in a pot

Did you know that you can grow smaller varieties of carrots in planter pots. In fact, they thrive in them when planted correctly. All you need to do is make sure your planter pot is a deep container allowing the edible root to grow. Keep the soil wet to ensure proper growth. And you are off to harvest your carrots.

To get started you need to select the carrot variety that typically adapts. This is any small variety, usually rounded, such as the thumbelina, parmex or parisienne carrot. There are also several others you can choose from. Next find the right pot, it should be at least one foot deep, or even more. Because the carrot develops underground, you need to make sure there is enough root system space. Adequate water drainage is important, so the roots do not rot. It doesn't matter the material of the pot, it can be clay, plastic, even stone.

Before planting make sure you clean your pot well with soap and water. You don't want bacteria or microscopic insect eggs hiding inside.

When choosing your potting media, try a mixture of red soil, decomposed compost and a sand mix in equal portions. Then plant as early as March. You then poke holes in your potting media and place up to two to three carrot seeds into each hole. After planting make sure to add enough water to supersaturate your plotting media.

Lastly place you pot impartial sun partial shade. Carrots tolerate shade well, and only need up to six hours of sun each day. During very hot days you will want to water twice a day. You don't want your potting media to get dry for any extended periods of time.

Caring for your carrots is easy also. Fertilize once a week to encourage growth. When the height of of your germinated greens reach one inch, cut the greens off at the soil with scissors until only one seedling remains in each hole. If there is any greens that seem to bend over, add more planting media around them so they stand correctly. If roots begin to peek through, add media there as well.
You can care for your carrots also by using a anti fungal spray to kill mildew or other fungi. Carrots are very prone to develop mildew if to wet. This can happen because you are watering, and then there is a heavy rain. 

Your carrots are ready to harvest in about two to two and a half months, depending on the type you chose to grow.

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