Friday, June 27, 2014

The Coffeecake Connection Company Review

There was a knock at the door today, and a box was dropped off. When I opened it there they we're. Cake a lette's and brownies, and cookies from the Coffeecake Connection Company. There for me to taste and review. 

After years in Corporate America, the owner of the company turned her passion for baking into a business that gives the gift of food. And I was so delighted that she gave me the opportunity to try her products. She was very gracious with the products and the entire family was very willing to try them out. So after dinner by the pool, we gave them a taste.

Let me start with the box the product came in. If I was giving it for a gift, it would be ready to go. The brown box was tied with golden raffia, and inside colorful crinkle paper.

First up was the cake a lette's. The company sent several. cinnamon swirl, triple berry and chocolate chip. So the first taste was the cinnamon swirl. Packaged in a cute dome clear container was this delightful treat. It looked good, smelled good and yes it tasted good. The aroma when you opened the dome hit your nose with the cinnamon and sugar smell. My husband got this one and after the first bite was in heaven. It was very tasteful and moist, and oh so yummy. Went down great with our evening cup of coffee.

With my cup of coffee, I choose the triple berry cake a lette. This two bursted with berry scents when you opened the dome. Made from fresh plump berries, moist and very tasteful. Tasting it only made me want another. But I had to share, so my daughter got the next one. 

For my daughter, the chocolate chip cake a lette was saved. And who doesn't like this combo, especially kids. I made her save me a bite to tell everyone about. The cake a lette was very buttery tasting, with enough chocolate chips that you got one in every bite. This also was moist and very tasteful.

Each cake a lette is gluten free, and made with only the finest ingredients.

Also we got to taste two brownies and two cookies from the company. The first brownie was chocolate caramel. My son tried this one. With my bite of it, I can tell you it was out of this world. The brownie was rich and fudge. You not only got the taste of good chocolate but caramel chips in every bite. This I warmed up for him with a side of vanilla ice cream and it was spectacular. Moist, rich, and full of flavor, and did I mention also gluten free.

The next brownie we divided and that was the fudge chocolate brownie. And no we are not full yet. This rich fudge gluten free brownie burst with flavor in every bite. We warmed this up and served with a tasting of chocolate ice cream for a double chocolate dose. This brownie was firm and moist at the same time. The brownie just melted in our mouths. You will not want box brownies after tasting these. 

For my daughters friends, and some for me, was the cookies. There was a snicker doodle cookie and a sugar cookie. I never had a snicker doodle cookie before, and must say it was fantastic. The cookies are gluten free as well. It was a soft chew cookie that my daughter friend had with milk. It was nut free and baked to perfection. 

The sugar cookie went to my daughters other friend and the last bite for me. This to went with a glass of very cold milk, Santa would really enjoy this one. It was moist, and soft, and had just the right sugar amount. Also it was like all the other products gluten free. 

If you want more information on the Coffeecake Connection company check out their website. There are other products and gift packs to choose from.

Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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