Monday, June 16, 2014

Ways around home and Garden to use citrus peels

Don't throw those citrus fruit peels away, use them in the home or garden. They can be used in many different ways other then for compost. They can also save you money, and also produce wonderful results in the home and garden. Let me give you a few ideas, and what peels to save.

The best thing to do before you start is to know your peel. There are many citrus like oranges to kumquats. Always make sure to fully was the peel before you use it, with a good organic spray. Also know any warnings to allergic reactions you may get from citrus peels such as dermatitis. Then you can start trying some of these suggestions.

For kumquat you can use the peel in marmalade. All you do is chop it and add some sugar water until a syrup is made. The add it to your favorite marmalade recipe.

Lemon peels, after all who doesn't have lemons in the house. These peels have so many potential uses, that there are even books with entire chapters devoted to the peel. But here is just a few without buying any books. Peel your lemon and use it in your bath, yes your bath. You won't believe how it leaves your body even your hair smelling. Another great idea is to infuse tea, this leaves a delicious lemony taste. Also you can create candied lemon peel, great to add as baked good toppings. Then there are uses for the peel in roasting. Add the peels to chicken and roast it along with it. You won't believe the great smell and taste it gives to your roasted chicken, as its roasting. Last, the lemon peel makes a great garnish for a drink or cocktail. Give the peel a twist and put on the glass rim.

Orange peel is another great one. Putting orange peels in your brown sugar keeps it soft. You can also make candied orange peel just like lemon peels and use in baked goods. The orange peel also works great as a drink garnish, especially for fruit juice drinks, and don't forget salads.

The grapefruit peel is also a good choice. The peel can be used the same way a lemon or orange peel can. The peels can also be cut in shapes and used in your favorite salad. And you won't believe how great they make your salad smell. You can also make a grapefruit marmalade or candy them. You can also use the oil distilled from the peel for perfume.

Cooking any peels can add flavor to just about anything, from water to marmalade's .

Also the peels can be used for kindling. Any peel can make a great kindling in your fireplace in the winter. Dried peels can also make smelly sock drawers smell refreshed, when placed inside as a sachet.

In the garden you can use your peels as compost. They just need to be chopped so they degrade faster. Any peel can be used to! The citrus peel will make your compost pile smell fresh and clean as well. Also for garden use the citrus peels help to keep cats from digging or using your garden as their litter box.

For the health,
you can chew a peel. Use orange preferably or lemon to make your breath smell great. They make a great substitute for mints and gum.

Another great tip is for orange peels, they will help remove tar from your shoes. Also if you like sitting in the yard, apply some orange peel to your skin to ward off insects. Just rub the peel over exposed skin and repeat when needed.  

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