Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swimmers Hair

If you or your family members swim often, you may start to notice your hair becoming brittle. If you have blond hair, you may notice your hair is starting to turn a greenish tint. Don't dread, its a very super easy fix.

The first step is protecting your hair. This can be done with simply wearing a swimmers cap. Wet your hair before you swim is another tip. You can also apply a quarter sized amount of conditioner and run it through your hair. This helps your hair so the chemicals in the pool water won't get absorbed easy. 

After your pool swim, don't brush your hair without using a leave in conditioner, or regular conditioner. It's always a good idea to shower immediately after your swim is finished. 

When buying shampoo and conditioner for the summer, look for shampoo that removes chlorine. And make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner. You can also use olive oil to bring moisture into your hair, doing this once a week helps tremendously.

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