Review Disclaimer

I am willing to review almost all products except, for adult material.  Products can be mailed directly to me with out notification, for my privacy please email me for my address where to send the product. I will keep the review unbiased. Reviewed products will not be returned after reviewed. I will not pay for any service, to do a review. No product will be returned, under any circumstances.
Depending on my timeline and who the review is for, and what the product is, the review may vary. Some products may require more time to use and review. Most reviews are within two weeks to four weeks from the time of delivery. I will not give out a good review in exchange for a product. I  will be the one who is to choose, to give an unfavorable review, a favorable review or no review at all, Any company product I review are given to me free of charge as part of their marketing campaign. I reserve the right to post or not post about the products. Using photos that I took for the review for a company's own promotions or publicity is strictly forbidden.

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